Being Squirrel

Forest Bathing

On a recent trip to NYC, I read an article on Forest Bathing in the ‘American Way’ Magazine (which btw is well done mag). Forest Bathing is mindfulness meets nature. It’s a walk…More

Vesper Steals Hearts in France

My latest trip to France was one that stole the hearts of the children who live there! Vesper is not only a scene stealer she’s a heart stealer too! Here are some pics…More

Four Things American Dudes Can Learn from French Guys

My life should be called, “American Girl in Paris,” kind of like Carrie in Sex in the City. I have spent a lot of time in France over the years and have noticed…More

From Pound Puppy to Plaza Athenee

I rescued Vesper Christmas of 2012, best decision ever! Vesper lived on the streets of L.A. scrounging for food and living the hard knocks life. We’re not sure how long she was on…More

How to Bond Girl it in Paris

Vesper is my all time favorite Bond girl, so much so I named my Chihuahua Vesper. My recent trip to Paris had me channeling my inner bond girl and living out scenes right…More

I Want to Marry Vanity Fair…

I had one of the best weeks of my life covering the Oscars for Vanity Fair and Access Hollywood as their Social Media Correspondent! I am grateful for the experience and opportunity to…More

Mon Amie

I hear you loud and clear ladies, trust me! Valentine’s Day is coming soon and we all feel the cringe. Whether you have a special person in your life or not, the day…More

Tech Squirrels Must Have Apps

Three apps that I can’t live without and neither should you! These apps have been my savior for sleeping and tracking my health. First, on the top of my list is iSleep. iSleep…More

Why Not Me?

First, I have to disclose that I stole this line from my mentor, David Hochman. He is one of the best things that happened to me in 2014. David, has written and spoken…More

Unjaded in New York City

My recent trip to New York had me thinking about the majestic city and what it had to offer. Every time I visit Manhattan, I unearth a new lesson. This trip was no…More