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Brain Shrinkage? Dr. Squirrel Explains How this Can Affect You!


 “Kindness is to love what grace is to beauty” Ah, The wonder and beauty of Spring is here! Now we are well into 2015, and we have some exciting topics filled with great information to help us to be the healthiest we can be in this new year. For our Spring News we are discussing Age-related brain atrophy.

HEALTH AND WELLNESS: Even if you seem perfectly healthy, you may be losing as much as 0.4% of your brain mass every year. Shrinkage of brain mass is associated with increased risk of vascular death and stroke, cognitive, behavioral, and mental health problems. For example, shrinkage of the temporal lobes is associated with a 181% increase in the risk of major depression. Younger individuals with brain shrinkage have as much as a 70% increase chance of dying. However, we are learning that brain atrophy is by no means inevitable.

A host of conditions—from cardiovascular disease and diabetes to sleep and anxiety disorders to lifestyle—have been associated with brain shrinkage. Also, high homocysteine levels are another risk factor. A deficiency of B vitamins and low levels of folate contribute to brain atrophy. It is very important that we diagnose and prevent Diabetes and obesity. Encourage a good sleep program of 7-9 hours a night, reduce anxiety, stop smoking, and limit alcohol consumption.

There are key nutrients that have been shown to powerfully protect the brain. Here are the most potent brain-protection nutrients. B vitamins in combination with folate. One regimen that has proved effective is folate 800mcg/day, vitamin B12 500mcg/day and vitamin B6 20mg/day. Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Pomegranate, ( 8 ounces of juice daily), Resveratrol 200mg/day. Brain shrinkage is a silent threat to our health and longevity . Fortunately, brain shrinkage appears to be preventable through a combination of lifestyle changes and sensible supplementation.

Start by identifying which aging symptoms most directly affect you, and focus your regimen on those factors. By being proactive, we can slow or stop brain shrinkage and improve our chances for a long, mentally fit life.

FITNESS: The big news in exercise science is the super-short workout. Called the “exercise snacks”, they consist of one minute of interval-style exercise daily. Such as a one minute brisk walk, repeated six times. Studies showed that this form of exercise was more effective than a 30 minute walk. This is just another idea to inspire exercise in those of us who struggle with what to do and how to do it!

BEAUTY: Pinks are flattering on every skin tone. For spring go soft with rose, blush, or salmon or try bold with fuchsia and magenta. Clinique Repairer Sculpting Night Cream ($65) promises to boost collagen, tighten skin, and repair damage in eight weeks. Take that, saggy jaw line and wrinkly neck. We love Chantecaille Rose Eye Makeup Remover, it is lovely and does not need rinsing and smells delightful

~Kisses Dr. Sqirrel

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