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b70576c6c3722db5d94661dd4819a1eaHalloween is a lifestyle. Come October it’s on; the decorations are on display at stores and pumpkins are everywhere. I love Halloween and everything that comes along with it. AMC and Syfy networks have horror movie marathons and The Walking Dead is back on AMC! Like I said, Halloween is a lifestyle.

House of Squirrels has a Pinterest board called Halloween Squirrel and over the last year I have collected pins on all things Halloween. Below are some of my favorite ideas.

I saw this idea all over the Halloween boards on Pinterest. Make ghosts out of tomato cage wire and get some cheap white sheets and cover. Super easy.

3963685d486fb687145e9f6fffd45edeThe street I live on has about five houses that are decorated.  One house had hanging skeletons covered in cobwebs. Take your scary items- spiders, ghosts, bats and skeletons and cover with cobwebs. It gives your decorations another dimension.

581d23f70a74dbb14eb6b4af72218e19This pic is a good idea and made me laugh!

8b2a6ed6c480debb1012cdf187d452caPrint your own labels for your Halloween party. Clever Squirrel! 🙂 Click here.

885aa4d59535f226815c501ef554167bIf you’re throwing a Halloween party, make your dip a graveyard scene. Cute idea!

ade38cb90cac7ecdaa945c02c7a73ba3Be safe and have fun Squirrels!

5df3fde4a297746452fc9caa3ab17f2e~Kisses Halloween Squirrel



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