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Your Eyes Will Love You

Why didn’t my 20 year old self tell me that I should start using eye cream as soon as I entered my college years?  Here is my gift to all of you Squirrel Girls old and young -USE EYE CREAM EVERYDAY! For you younglings start now! This is the first area on your face to show age and it is the most sensitive. Daily elements such as pollution, stress, diet, and lack of sleep affect our eye area first. We need to protect it and use preventative measures to combat these assaults.

Now, here is the secret I’m going to share with you.. Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Eye Cream. This product is officially your new bestie! And.. I have to give credit to Dr. Squirrel (and my Mom for those of you just discovering HOS) for discovering this incredible product.  We were on the plane to New York and she just pulled it out of her bag and started applying it.  I immediately said, ‘Let me “Squirrel” some of that,’ and as soon as I put it on I felt an amazing de-puffing, brightening sensation. It was there on American Airlines Flight 22 that we found and fell in love with our newest beauty secret. Go Squirrel it.. your eyes will thank you!!

Clinique is one of those brands that’s been around for such a long time they do not need to spend money on all the additional bells and whistles like some of the other companies. This means that they can spend more money on Research and Development and as a result, bring you an amazing product at a reasonable price. This eye cream is only $63.00 and will last for months.  It’s the best value for your dollar and you will absolutely love it. Enjoy, and always remember.. Squirrel Girls Rule!


~Kisses Bella Squirrel

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