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Sexy like a Bond Girl

I have this fantasy that replays in my head from time to time about playing a Bond Girl. Then something shakes me out of my fantasy back into reality and I realize I was dreaming of being Vesper, from Casino Royale.  The truth is I’m Principal Squirrel, sharing discoveries with all of you ;)!

Now that I have both feet on the ground and Vesper is in my rear view mirror, I can share my favorite colors for your Mani and Pedis this season!  These colors are sexy and daring, bringing out your inner Bond Girl!  I don’t know about you, but nothing makes me feel sexier than coming out of the salon with freshly painted nails and toes!

With the new Bond film soon to be released, OPI launched a collection called SKY FALL.  This new fall collection oozes sex appeal.  As we say here at House of Squirrels, Squirrel tail up!  Below are my three top picks from the collection.

The Spy Who Loved Me

Tomorrow Never Dies

The Living Daylights- Fun to use this sparkle nail polish alone or on top of other colors.

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Bella Squirrel


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