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Forest Bathing

On a recent trip to NYC, I read an article on Forest Bathing in the ‘American Way’ Magazine (which btw is well done mag). Forest Bathing is mindfulness meets nature. It’s a walk…More

Vesper Steals Hearts in France

My latest trip to France was one that stole the hearts of the children who live there! Vesper is not only a scene stealer she’s a heart stealer too! Here are some pics…More

Calypso Escape Event

House of Squirrels hosted an event in July with one of my favorite stores, Calypso St. Barth! I curated a collection of their Summer pieces and gave them funny, kitchy names! See in…More

Summer Health News- Sunscreen

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” Albert Einstein. With summer here, it is time to reach for the sunscreen; drink fluids to stay hydrated; and…More

Happy Fourth of July!

Last year I was in the Hamptons on Fourth of July which was a lot of fun! You can read the post here. This year I am throwing a small BBQ at House…More

6 Best Bistros in Paris

Why go to Paris? For the romance, culture, shopping, people-watching, and of course the fantastic cuisine. But you don’t have to max out your credit cards to dine well. Parisian bistros are the answer. Here…More

Four Things American Dudes Can Learn from French Guys

My life should be called, “American Girl in Paris,” kind of like Carrie in Sex in the City. I have spent a lot of time in France over the years and have noticed…More

Calypso Escape Event with House of Squirrels

Summer Calypso Escape Event is almost here! Who doesn’t want to have a pink bag moment?! I know I do! If you live in Los Angeles, come visit me at the Calypso St.…More

My Summer Steak Marinade

I was at Whole Foods recently and decided to make skirt steak. I have never cooked with it before but I knew I wanted to use a marinade. I wanted it to be…More

Brain Shrinkage? Dr. Squirrel Explains How this Can Affect You!

 “Kindness is to love what grace is to beauty” Ah, The wonder and beauty of Spring is here! Now we are well into 2015, and we have some exciting topics filled with great…More