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Breast Health for Breast Awareness Month

We at House of Squirrels want to make sure we bring awareness to Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Considering that our brand is a lifestyle brand geared towards women, Dr. Tandra Cadigan (Dr. Squirrel)…More

House of Squirrels Holiday Gift Guide!

The Holidays are around the corner and we here at House of Squirrels put together a thoughtful list of great gifts to give to your loved ones this year!  We carefully chose gifts…More


If I were ever stranded on a deserted island and I could have one makeup item only, it would definitely be mascara. I am sure you and  your girlfriends have posed this question…More

Dr. Squirrels Must have Apps

The Digital age is here and only increasing. To keep up with Gen X and Y’ers we need to start thinking about how we consume information in the present day. Apps are the…More

The Skinny on Fat

FAT, FAT, FAT!  Who likes to hear that word? The only time my ears want to hear that is if it’s in reference to my wallet or the size of my ring! But…More

Make a Date with these Eight – 8 Tips for Better Health & Wellness

When you turn on your TV, open a newspaper, or flip open your laptop you’re bound to get confusing news about diet and health. Don’t worry.  Just remember these key facts. 1. Eating…More

Table Salt No More

In every Squirrel’s kitchen, you will find the ultimate secret ingredient, Fleur de Sel. This adds a unique and delicious flavor to your cooking and it will be as if you just graduated…More