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American Girl in Paris

Paris is a city made for a woman and her adventurous spirit. Not to mention her palette too. I have been fortunate enough to travel to Paris many times and the city of lights has never cease to amaze me.

I recently returned from the city of love (we will discuss the ‘love’ part later in the post) with a fresh take on the city that keeps on giving.  Dr. Squirrel and I had quite the time in Paris, beginning with our stay at the fairly new Mandarin Oriental.  If your wallet can afford it, the hotel is worth the money. Fortunately, for this Squirrel girl, cruising with the Doc reaps certain benefits! 🙂 Hollar to the five star!

Let’s discuss my friend gluten. I believe America has it out for this little dude. The media has an objective to delete this from our diets forever! It was refreshing to come to France and see that gluten is still the star! I had gluten parties for nine days!!! It was so much fun. And guess what?? No bloating or “allergic” reaction to this innocent dude. Honestly, my diet consisted of gluten morning, noon and night. Long live gluten and all of his wonders!  First reason we should love France.

American chicks get their haircuts while in Paris! Why is this? I think because we are inspired by the carefree attitude of the Parisian gals and their chic style…starting with their coif. I decided to follow suit and cut my hair. Pre-cut shot below at David Mallet Salon.

I yielded to the master, Hakim, and allowed him to do what he wanted with my tresses. Obviously, I am really funny and kept this handsome chap entertained during the masacre. Maybe, I was just nervous….

Voila! The reveal…Dr. Squirrel and I both surrendered to Hakim. Now, only if I could repeat the ‘sex hair ‘ look back in the States….Second reason to love France.

More of my gluten/meat excursions…I speak the truth: Below is the best burger I have ever had in my life. Funny, that the French take an American staple as the hamburger, and put ours to shame. I had burgers more than once in Paris..when in doubt, get the burger. Oddly enough, that night in a random bistro, I ran into the master of burgers in America, Bobby Flay. Great guy and my new bestie! 🙂 Third reason we love France.

Paris is known for the city of romance and love. The jury is still out on this topic for moi, but for fun, let’s believe that it is. Nothing like a French dude to swoop you off your feet with his charming attitude and his pronunciation of the english language. Paris is romantic to us chicks that still believe in it all and the possibility of it…if cruising around in a scooter behind a handsome french dude is romantic….then this is your city for love. A enthusiastic fourth reason we love France.

Joan of Arc, in gold, proudly placed on one of busiest streets in Paris, Rue de Rivoli. The French celebrate strong women and let’s admit that we all have a little ‘Joan of Arc’ in us. Have to love a country that celebrates women…fifth reason we love France!

Whether it’s the food, fashion, museums, romance, or just the pure beauty of it all, Paris is a city that every woman should visit at some point in her life….you never know…you might find yourself on the back of a scooter with a frenchman seeing the sites of the world’s most beautiful city. Do you really need a reason to love France? I think not…Bisoux!

~Kisses Principal Squirrel


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