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Accessorize Me Please

To accessorize or not? HOS believes in the philosophy of less is more when it comes to fashion. This means accessorize lightly. ย This week’s post is about inspiration for key accessories for Spring. From a chunky cuff to a hair accessory or a fringe bag, this season we are channeling our inner Rocker Squirrel!

We love a a great cuff by itself or bangles worn with your watch as seen in the pic below. This should be your main accessory centerpiece for your outfit. If you want to wear earrings too, make sure they are small and discrete. A necklace, bracelets and big earrings are too much for one outfit. Remember… highlight one of these, not all three. We do not want to be seen as a “jezebel”, but as a example of style done right….that’s a Squirrel Girl!

Hair accessories are the best! I have a wonderful collection from Cherry Chau. She is an amazing designer from Paris. Unfortunately she has not designing anymore, but you can spot Dr. Squirrel rocking her art deco hair ornaments from time to time. I am obsessed with these stars..I wish I could find them! Who doesn’t want stars in their hair?

Besides great shoes, bags are always a very important accessory… arguably the most important. HOS believes that both are key. Shoes and bags, shoes and bags. This season I am rocking the fringe bag. I wear it with everything and it really adds an edge to my look. Funny story: Dr. Squirrel (and for those new readers, she is also my Mom) gave me her beautiful black fringe bag years ago and I never used it until this season. When my Mom first saw me wearing it she was all about trying to Squirrel the bag back after seeing how I was rocking it! I heard the same ole, “Did I really give that to you?”, “I think I want it back”….Hahaha, people that know my Mom know she does this a lot. It’s all in good spirit and I tease her about it all the time. P.S. – I still have the bag ๐Ÿ™‚

To my new readers just discovering House of Squirrels, we here are obsessed with all things Maje. Below is one of Maje’s many fringe bags they designed for the season. Squirrel approved. Click picture to be directed to site for purchase.

Of course, the best accessory for every Squirrel girl are her dog(s). Here is one of my three Chihuahua’s, Lady Leonidas. Remember to rescue your pets. I rescued two Chi’s. ๐Ÿ™‚ Btw-we Squirrel Girls multi-task; hold Chi, and make HOS Green Bean Casserole!

~Kisses Style Squirrel

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