About House of Squirrels

Donte Calarco, also known as Principal Squirrel, is the founder of House of Squirrels. The lifestyle brand was born from a life long passion for cooking, entertaining, and all things fashion! Donte decided that she would also like to incorporate her knowledge of beauty, and skincare philosophy into the brand. In keeping with the spirit of sharing all good things to her Squirrel Girls, Donte brought on her Mom, Dr. Tandra Cadigan a.ka. Dr. Squirrel, to share her health tips.  House of Squirrels is about inspiring you to be the best you can be while looking, eating and feeling good in your stilettos!

Dr. Tandra Cadigan has been a practicing OB/GYN for over 20 years in Newport Beach, California. She has her own practice where she specializes in taking care of the entire body – physical, mental, and spiritual. The Doc is known for spending two hours with her patients and has a reputation for truly caring about their well being. A proud Mom of four children, her path was somewhat unorthodox in that she had kids first and then later got her medical degree. Dr. Cadigan is passionate about what she does and has recently partnered with her daughter, Donte Calarco, on their lifestyle website ‘House of Squirrels.’ She contributes as ‘Dr. Squirrel’ and blogs about health, beauty and general wellness.